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Create a new Migration Config document

After setting up the Migrator Plus client you can start creating your first config document.

  • Click on the New Config button
  • Select server and database
  • Either double click on desired database or click select button

When you have returned to the main screen please set a Config name (without spaces) and click Save.
A good practice is to open the config document again by double clicking on it in the config list.

Now you can select the SharePoint site to migrate to. Either select a target list or create one with the wizard.
Save the config again.

Next one is to map fields and columns to migrate.
Start by clicking on the marked icon. This will get all the forms you have in the database.
If you can’t find the form you can always type in the form name manually.

After a form is selected you can change the search formula if you want to narrow your search even more, like documents where a field contains (or not contains) a certain value.

Then drag and drop the fields from the notes side that you want to include in the migration.

Next step is to pair that with the fields on the SharePoint side.

  1. Create the column in the right hand panel. Make sure that you select the correct column type. If you don’t use the same name as in Notes you have to remove the mapping after creation and remap.
  2. To remap, or map fields that is created before just mark a field in the notes side panel and then drag and drop the SharePoint column to the same panel

Next step is to decide the default user in the users and groups tab.
Do so by select a group and then a user in that group and double click on the users.

Go back and save the document.

Now everything needed is configured to start the actual migration.


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