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Migrate content from Domino to SharePoint

After setting up the configuration document you are ready to start migrating

This is done in two steps:

  1. Collect the documents
  2. Move to SharePoint

Collect the documents

The collection of documents is based on the selection of forms and documents done in the tab “Forms & Fields”. So the same amount of documents should be collected. The collection itself is fast. it reads thru the database and creates a virtual view of all the documents from where you can manage the actual migration. It also provides some feedback for each document so you can make sure that it is migrated and when.

  • Start the collection by clicking the button
  • When the collection is done, just click the button again to confirm that all is collected.
  • Then click on the “All” button to update the view.

If you click again on the “Collect Documents” button it will read thru the database and compare the documents and update if there has been any changes or additions. This is helpful in a “Catch up migration”

Move to SharePoint

When moving to SharePoint you can do this in two ways: Selected Documents or All documents.

Selected Documents

  • Select the documents you want to migrate.
    • This is a good practice when you start a migration so you can confirm the success and the content accuracy.
  • After selection is done just hit the button to Start Move. 
    • It will migrate the selected documents and report back to the view the Item ID in SharePoint and the time of migration. If there was any issue, that will be reported as well and if the migration was not successful the Status will be set to O (Open) instead of M, which is Migrated.

All Documents

  • If no documents is selected we will migrate all collected documents

You can select and look at which documents are Not Migrated, Open or Errors by selecting on the buttons on left side.

Catch Up migration (Delta migration)


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